The Wedding Party


Dale Donohoe

Dale is a dear friend and a deep person of faith.  He is a role model for Michael.  He is also an inspiring tennis partner.  Dale has created the infamous tennis Kramer’isms.  Which include:

  1. KramerVision (perfect vision for calling balls out, if they are close!)
  2. Krules = Kramer Rules (I know I’m serving 1st because I have the balls)
  3. TeleKramer (why does everyone want to call Michael and tell him they’re late?) (Telethon, Telefriend, TeleKramer)
  4. KaRithmetic (The math skills for keeping accurate scores, or at least Michael’s view of the correct score)
  5. The-Kramer (the perfect 1st serve, every time)
  6. The-Baby-Kramer (the perfect 2nd serve, every time. A softer version of The-Kramer)


Dale Donohoe and Michael Kramer

Tamera Donohoe

There is no Dale without his strong wife Tamera.  We LOVE you Tamera and thank you for your friendship and for making this wedding possible. Dale and Tamera have generously offered their property at Casa Blanca, for the wedding location.

Tamera Donohoe

Mona Rose

Maid of Honor

Mona has been a dear friend for many years.  She is like a sister to Veronica that Veronica never had.  We enjoy many social times and events along with mini travel vacations together. Love you Mona!  Also, Michael’s mother’s name is Mona so her namesake has a special place in our hearts

Mona Rose - Maid of Honor

Mindy Denson

Brides Maid

Mindy is a Long time friend. She is an avid Polo player and fan.  When we started our tennis group (Tuesday Night Tennis “TNT”) she had never played tennis. Now she is a force to be reckoned with.  Always smiles, always “yes” and never “no”, she is the most positive person we know. 

Mindy is very active in nonprofit organizations, giving 100’s of hours per year in volunteer positions.

Mindy has been very supportive of Veronica in planning this wedding and we deeply appreciate her skills and support.

Mindy Denson

Noelle Geiger

Best Woman

Noelle is Michael’s sister and a person that Michael works with on a daily basis. Noelle is Michael’s baby sister (awee) and a person he deeply respects.  As the bigger brother, Michael tormented Noelle but as adults, we have become very close friends.  Noelle is very compassionate, starting a new nonprofit dog rescue facility in 2021,  She is also an amazing website developer and streaming event producer.

Noelle Geiger

Party Crasher

Chris Denson

Chris is a dear friend that often has very unique facial expressions.  We partially liked this expression of excitement when learning about our wedding plans.

Although Chris’s toes don’t function like they used to in this photo, he is sure to be the life of the celebration!