Please Dress Semi-Formal

What is “beach semi-formal”?  The important thing is that you are comfortable standing on the beach for 30-45 minutes in your outfit.   We would like women to wear a dress or cocktail attire and men to wear slacks, button-down shirts and a jacket.  Ties for men are optional.

Dress for the Weather

On October 1, 2022 sunset will be at 6:42 pm.  We will be on the beach from 5:30 to 6:15 so there will be some sun to keep you warm.  When the sun goes down in Santa Barbara the temperature can drop quickly, about 10 degrees.  At 5pm, the temperature ranges from 74-65 degrees.  Because we cannot predict the weather, we recommend you bring a light jacket or wrap.

Here is a resource to help you decide how you should dress:

Temperature Range in October

Weather in Santa Barbara in October
Beach Wedding Dress